What Skills to Highlight on Resume in 2019?

If you are thinking about the skills to highlight on resume, then you’re on the right track. These skills to write in your application guarantees you’re stressing on your key benefits to offer to the company.

Importance of Skills Section in a Resume

The skills section in your resume will help employers or hiring managers to filter applicants. They are able to screen hundreds or even more of the applicants who may be fit for the job.  The skills you add in your resume can put you on top of the pool of applicants. These skills are able to show you are a good pick for the position because many employers are looking for skilled applicants that they can readily use for the position.With the skills section, you can boost your chances of getting an interview. Check out the following on the key skills to add to your CV.

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Key Skills to Put on Resume 2019

  • Problem solver: There are companies who want to know if you can handle tasks that come your way. If you are a problem-solving person, tell them how you make decisions at the same time minimizing the exposure to negative effects.
  • Team management or leadership: There are instances that you need to lead in a workplace and being a great leader means that you have experience in working well with others. Team leadership skills mean that you have the knowledge on how to delegate tasks as well as effectively oversee your teams. Here, you can highlight your strong work ethic and Critical Thinking skills.
  • Willingness to learn: This is one of the best job skillŃ– for a resume that you should not be missed to include in your resume. Having the willingness to learn shows potential hiring managers that you do not know everything; however, you have the desire honing your craft and keep up with new changes.
  • Interpersonal skills: If you have interpersonal skills, you are supportive and a motivator to others. It is better to include it in your resume because it shows that you have the willingness to set aside the nonsense but focus on what is really important.
  • Self-motivated: Having a strong drive or motivation in accomplishing goals is a plus to employers. If you have the “can do attitude”, then you do not rely on excuses when things go rough or become challenging. You can also highlight your Time Management skills with an initiative to perform and finish duties on time.
  • Knowledge of foreign language: Being proficient with the foreign language is a big deal for employers. An applicant who can communicate in a different language is a great asset to the company. If you know one or two foreign languages, then including it in your resume is important.

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Skills Not to Mention in Resume

Aside from knowing what are some key skills to put on a resume 2018, it is also important to know what skills to avoid including in your application.

  • Microsoft office proficient: In the past, basic computer skills were required for all applicants; today, almost everyone knows it, meaning you cannot separate yourself from the rest for saying that you have basic computer skills or you know how to type. This is unless you have advanced knowledge in using MS Office such as merging a doc, building formulas as well as creating productivity and time-saving rules in Outlook.
  • Social media skills: Unless applying for a social media position, you don’t have to say that you can handle social media accounts, posts on Facebook or Twitter and so on.
  • Another language: If you have studied in some other countries like Barcelona but then know a little bit Spanish, then better not to include it.  Only write it if you are fluent in that language.

Best Skills to Have on Resume 2019: Include Based on the Position Being Applied

Depending on the job posting, it is essential to focus on your strengths and most relevant skills. The closer your match to the job position, then the higher chances of job search success. For instance, if the ad mention organizing fundraising events, then make sure that you have the skills required for it.  If you are applying for a bank teller job, then you need to include skills such as customer service orientation, strong mathematical skills, ability to work with others and attentiveness to detail.

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So before writing or thinking to check resume for plagiarism, you may also want to know what skills to add as well as see some examples of resume summary 2019.

Bear in mind that the skills you write in your resume will depend on the job position for which you are applying. In short, you must know how to represent skills on the resume by first reading and understanding the posting. From that, create a resume that will answer those needs.  If you do, you can highlight the best qualifications to add on resume 2019.

Learn skills to highlight on resume and improve job search success today!

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