25 Hot Resume Trends 2019

The resume trends 2019 are going to help you gain an edge in your application. These changes are in demand for the latest job search and recruitment trends. If you’re looking for the newest trends and practices, you may want to read the following tips for a great resume 2019 before writing your resume.get our premium resume writing help

Latest Resume Trends 2019

The latest trends and tips for a great resume 2019 will help you take advantage of your professional qualifications and show them better to the recruiter.

These can improve your chances of being hired because they show the newest changes in job applications, as shown in an updated resume. Keep reading the next section for what to know about these new resume-writing practices.business consultant resume

Current Trend In Resume Writing: 25 Hottest Tips

The following is what to know about the things that you must show in writing your application. See newest resume format 2019 that will surprise you.

  • Create a personal branding and style. The new applications need to look promising and appealing.
  • The latest applications should have balanced design. You can learn more about these new designs with the template to use on the internet. However, do not rely on them 100%, but make sure you’re choosing one that suits your qualifications, industry and work experience.
  • Make a keyword rich resume. This is one of the latest trends that will work on your resume.  Take note that employers are using automate short listing software. Be found! Use resume keywords related to your industry.
  • A unique layout is also appreciated. You need to sell your skills and qualifications using the right format and layout.
  • One of the latest resume trends you should not forget is focusing on your relevant experience. Do not list everything. You must only pay attention to your most relevant experiences that fit with the job.
  • Elaborate and quantify your accomplishments and results. Do not just tell, but also show. Visual elements, such as graphs and tables may be useful too.
  • Tailor the application to the job. Make a drafted for every employer and customize each one for him or her to capture attention.
  • Take note that the new resume trends 2019 value conciseness and reader’s time. If you want your resume to catch attention, think of writing a short and one-page CV.
  • Make your application readable. Experts suggest using bullet points, columns and tables to communicate the things you’re offering.
  • Make a clean resume. Do not use jargons or complicated terms. Instead, focus on short sentences and simple words.
  • Keep your resume short. You should have to write a long one because employers only spend at most 20 seconds for an application. Make reading your resume easy. Write in great detail and leave out the clutter.
  • The presentation is another measure of a good resume. Experts reveal that it is one of the things that can decide your candidacy.
  • Edit mercilessly. One of latest resume trends is a perfect resume. You must edit your paper several times until it becomes perfect from any errors.
  • Use white spaces in your resume to make it visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Use a good font. This is another practice that you need to know in the latest job applications. Times New Roman is outdated. Use Calibri and Cambria instead. You can also opt for other types of font, but choose one that’s easy to read by both humans and computers.
  • Save your resume in PDF format. It is another tip to remember to keep up with the latest trends of writing a good CV.
  • No generic resumes must be submitted. One of the biggest mistakes of applicants was sending one resume to all applications. Avoid it if you don’t want your resume to be lost in the stack of files that the hiring manager is getting.
  • Show your value with a list of accomplishments under every work experience. If you’re using the functional resume format, this technique is ideal. You can list the accomplishments under each job you had to show how well you did in that position.
  • Infographic resumes may be ideal for people applying for a creative position. If you’re a movie director, a graphic artist or a creative web designer, using an infographic with the illustrations and icons can be a good idea to highlight your professional and creative skills.
  • Avoid writing job descriptions. Hiring managers and recruitment people already know it. Instead, highlight the results you have had in every job. It is what CV customization is. You must show your value to the potential employer.
  • Don’t forget about resume buzzwords to illustrate your abilities, knowledge, and skills for the job.
  • Skip the references section. It just takes up precious space and does not add value to your application.
  • Avoid writing the objective section. Replace it with a professional or career summary.
  • Add a link to your personal website or blog if you have it. This website will introduce you further to the employer. You can highlight your services more with a portfolio section on it for the projects you have done or accomplishments you have had.
  • One of the trends in resume writing 2019 is writing a skills section. It will illustrate your knowledge further and reveal the things you can do.

Tips for Effective Resume Writing: According to the Latest Resume Trends

There are certain things that can make your resume stand out. Some of those are listed above. Make sure that you keep up with the latest trends in writing your application to gain results. Apart from those, you need things like skills optimization in your application. For more, check out the following for effective tips in writing a CV.

  • Skip the objective section and write your career summary instead.
  • Do not write the reference section anymore. It is not one of the 2019 trends in a resume. It only clutters your layout and design.
  • Use white spaces to highlight subheadings and sections in your resume.
  • Use a one-column or two-column resume for the organization.
  • Do not use templates that do not match your skills, work experience, and knowledge. Do not use creative resumes if you’re not in a creative industry like graphic design or website development.

Comparing Resume Then and Recent Trends in Resume Writing


Avoid these things in your CV or resume because they do not already work for the newest applications and job search trends.

  • Adding an objective section
  • Adding the graduation dates
  • Adding the reference list upon request section


The following are the latest tips in resume expected 2019 for the best results in your application.

  • Adding career summary or professional qualification section
  • Adding a skills section
  • Using resume keywords and buzzwords
  • Using callout boxes
  • Using charts and graphs
  • Using resume fonts, including Arial, Cambria, and Calibri

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There you have the recent trends in resume writing that you need to know for a more effective application. Follow these tips and optimize your resume with a good layout, design, keywords, and sections. Make a concise resume and proofread it for the best results. Also, avoid outdated trends like writing with a reference list or objective section.

Don’t write an outdated resume with a poor format, design, and content. Use the above for resume trends 2019 today!

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