27 Awful Resume Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

27 awful resume mistakes to avoid in 2018

A resume is your passes to land an interview and finally get the job you’ve been trying to acquire. However, you might be too busy thinking of the future interview, that you forget some important things that matter – keeping your resume perfect.  The odd thing is, the most common resume mistakes to avoid are those simple items that applicants often ignore such as spelling errors.

Another common mistake is sending a

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For your resume to be perfect and catchy, you need to get rid of those awful mistakes that managers and hiring personnel wouldn’t want to see on your document. Listed below are 27 of the common resume mistakes 2019 that you need to eliminate. Below is the list of mistakes that are commonly made when writing:

  1. Bad grammar

  2. A duplicate of what your resume looks like in your LinkedIn profile

  3. Clichés and used of common words

  4. Failure to use action verbs

  5. Highlighting Responsibilities rather than Accomplishments

  6. Immaterial experience and skills

  7. Incorrect information

  8. Lack of proper keywords

  9. Lack of details about yourself

  10. Not customizing your resume to suit the particular job you are applying for

  11. Not explaining what you did or when you did it

  12. Not Highlighting your achievements and successes

  13. Not including an executive summary

  14. Not using links to social media profiles

  15. Personal details

  16. Poor arrangement and formatting

  17. Poor choice of words

  18. Poor way to sell yourself

  19. Sharing too much information

  20. Spelling errors and typos

  21. The use of general approach

  22. Unclear and arrogant language

  23. Unnecessary details

  24. Wordy paragraphs with too many details in it

  25. Wrong use of tenses

  26. Including marital status

  27. Colorful fonts

Top 10 of the Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Among the 25, the top 10 resume mistakes 2019 that can be considered the worst are the following:

  1. Failure to organize: Managers prefer to look at an organized and well-formatted document rather than a document with several fonts and narrow margins.

  2. Misplacing responsibilities over accomplishments: It is your accomplishments that should be highlighted in your resume and not your mere responsibilities. Emphasizing them notify the hiring manager that you are proactive.

  3. Less action words: Let your activities be spoken through words. Use powerful verbs such as ‘implemented’, ‘organized’, pioneered, spearheaded, etc. to show how you participated in sending a project to success.

  4. Inclusion irrelevant information and experiences: Including irrelevant and short time experiences such as winning a hot dog-eating contest does not make your resume look good. It is also a common mistake to include personal information such as Social Security number, GPA, and your hobbies.

  5. Failure to use of active voice: Resumes are written in active voice to show professionalism and applicant’s dynamic energy.

  6. The use of the first person: It is a big no. Most managers consider applicants who the use the first person as a representation of self-importance.

  7. Not editing your resume: This is one of 2019 biggest resume mistakes that you should avoid. Read, edit, and polish your resume into perfection. Make sure that there are no conflicting thoughts and details that might create resume confusion on your document.

  8. Not including contact information: Most applicants are too focused on their achievements that they forget the part when they needed to include their contact information. This is a very important element for the managers to communicate to you when you are about to be interviewed.

  9. Improper organization of thoughts: You need to organize your thoughts in your document. Make sure that there are no lapses on dates in your years of experience, education, and other parts of your resume.

  10. Massive use of overrated words: Simplify as much as possible. You don’t need to use big words and jargons just to impress a manager.

your hobbies

Awful Resume Samples and What to Do to Correct Them

Objective: To find a job as a Secretary

This applicant made a mistake on CV when he/she decided to include an Objective. It should not be written as it is obvious what position is to be filled. Instead, write a summary of your qualifications and what makes you the best candidate for the position are. The applicant did not provide complete details about the company’s address.

Work Experience: East University 2005-2010

University President Secretary

  • Attended meetings with the University President

  • Arranged meetings for the University President

  • Received phone calls

  • Filed documents for the University President

  • Made coffee for the University President and his guests

The work experiences listed are excessively plain and weak. Instead of writing those experiences, the applicant should have written how he/she managed the activities assigned by the university president. Achievements should have also listed such as how he/she completed a systematic form of filing documents.

Skills and achievements

  • Has clear understanding of the job

  • Has the ability to manage time well

  • Can be trusted

  • Responsible and talented

This list of skills and achievements are not skills and definitely not achievements at all. First, having a clear understanding of the job looks awful as it is expected from the applicant. Next, time management is not ability. It is a skill that needed to be described on how the applicant was able to complete a task. Writing ‘Can be trusted’ and ‘Responsible and talented’ is not necessary as these are traits you need to earn first once you’re hired for the job.

Name: John Smith

Contact Information: blacksmith_makemeofficial@yippe.com


This is one of the funny resume mistakes that applicants include in their resume – their unprofessional and self-proclaimed email addresses that no one gets. If you’re applying for a job, make it a point that managers perceive you as a professional candidate.

Addressing Common Resume Mistakes 2019

You don’t need to be an expert to determine what to avoid putting in a resume. First, you have to sound and professional. Do not include unnecessary details that managers would frown upon such as skills in dancing and singing (unless you’re applying for an entertainment position).

Second, you need to keep your document neat and direct to the point. Use professional formats, which you can find samples online, and customize them according to the position you’re applying for. In using online format, make sure that you tailor them fitting your personal information. Among of the mistakes that applicants commit is the failure to change details in the format, thus creating resume confusion.

The third is to limit your resume to what is only needed for your application. It is also pointless to include ‘too personal’ activities such as attending yoga classes and your hobbies during free time. And fourth, review your resume. Ask a friend or a family member to read it for you. In this way, they will be able to tell the mistakes you failed to see yourself.

Hiring managers and companies are looking for someone who will make substantial contributions to their business. So be professional and keep those resume mistakes to avoid off the grid. Remember, your document has only 5-10 seconds to make an impression, so make it count. Once you were scheduled for an interview, don’t forget to send a resume thank you letter 2019 to the hiring manager. This is to show your appreciation for their time and your dedication as a future employee.

Get rid of these resume mistakes to avoid and do better in job applications today!

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