What Are the Fonts to Use on Resume 2019?

Choosing the fonts to use on resume 2019 is as important as selecting the format.  The font in a resume has to do with the presentation and overall layout of your resume. So for a creative resume design 2019, learn about the good fonts to use and avoid in your application.

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What Are the Best Fonts for a Resume 2019?

The newest resume format 2019 with the right font adds visual appeal to your resume. If you’re not careful in selecting the font, your application may not be as effective as it would be with the correct one. The best fonts for a resume 2019 are effective. They improve the appearance of your CV. They make it pleasing to the eyes. To learn which best fonts are to use, read the following section.

  • Garamond

Times New Roman is the most commonly used font, but it is outdated. It does not appear unique but generic. It makes your resume look like that of the rest. You must choose something else like this beautiful font. It fits more text in the page without compromising the appeal of your resume. You can also lower the font size to increase readability with this flexible font.

  • Gill Sans

It is a sophisticated and nicely looking san-serif font style. It is used widely in the world like in the UK. The font also looks like a custom lettering that is featured in posters and railway systems. You can find it in some Microsoft software, being Gills Sans MT.

gill sans

  • Cambria

It is a clear type font to use in your resume. You can find it in many MS Office programs, along with Cambria, Calibri, and Consolas. It also performs well on many computer monitors and fits much on-screen reading. It is also applicable for print with its sturdy construction. It does retain legibility even with smaller sizes. You can use it for online and printed CVs.


  • Calibri

The font is a staple in MS Word since 2007. It is one of the most professional looking fonts, which is easy to read both in print and online. You can choose the 12-point size for legibility. It also looks well even on a longer resume of two pages.  Choose this resume font for your resume now.longer resume of two pages.  Choose this resume font for your resume now.longer resume of two pages.  Choose this resume font for your resume now.longer resume of two pages.  Choose this resume font for your resume now.


  • Constantia

It is one of the best resume fonts 2019 that can help your application stand out. The font appears less stuffy and eye-friendly than other typefaces.  It is also ideal either for on-screen reading or in printed versions. You can make use of it if you want to distribute your resume in hard copy or soft copy forms.


What Fonts to Use On Resume 2019: Which to Avoid

For the editing and formatting of your resume, there are some fonts that you should not use at all and avoid. The following is a short list of those that you must skip in writing and formatting your application.

  • Times New Roman

It is an outdated resume font to use because it looks generic. The resume font must be avoided because it is overused and abused. It is also not easy to read especially in smaller sizes. The font has to be skipped because it also does not look well on screens. Choose Calibri for easier reading and a more professional look.

times new roman

  • Futura

This is another outdated resume font to avoid. It looks very much stylized and very decorative. It does not make your CV look professional. Choose a font like Cambria instead. It is attractive and easier to read as well.


  • Courier

Do not use it in the newest resume format 2019. It looks like that font coming out of a typewriter. It will make your resume as if you typed it on this old device. The font also looks unnatural. Choose something else like Garamond for a lovely and professional look.


resume writer

2019 Professional Resume Fonts Questions You Want to Know Answer For

Which resume font is best?

Cambria wins the race! It works well on-screen and printed versions. It does not clutter the appearance of your resume but makes it look professional and easy to the eyes. Select which job opportunity to apply and use the right font now.

Is it good to use colored or black and white in font color?

It is better to have a black and white resume. The use of colored resume, along with fonts, can only be good if you’re in the creative industries, such as design, animation, film and other arts. Make your application process better with a more professional font in a resume!

What is the best font size to use?

Aside from choosing among 2019 professional resume fonts, you must pick the right size. Ideally, it is between 10.5 and 12, depending on the typeface you have chosen. Choose from the acceptable resume fonts 2019 we’ve highlighted.

Choose the right popular resume fonts 2019 for your application and follow this guide for the color and size. Finally, create a custom resume for every job application and increase your job success chances.

Customize your resume with the correct fonts to use on resume 2019 today!

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