The Main Characteristic of the CV Model 2019

The best CV model 2019 can help you come up with a good format and appearance for your resume. Using it also shows that you are keeping yourself updated with the most recent changes in writing a resume.  So aside from writing a cover letter for a resume 2019, you should also know what to write in your resume whether.

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Main Sections for a CV Model 2019

There are no universal or one-size fits all resume design or model to use, but the following are the most common sections you’ll find in good CV formats or not you’re using resume design software 2019.

Contact details

This section must include your name, phone number, home address and email address.  It is the first part of your CV that lets prospective employers learn about how to contact you. Update this section and make sure that they are your latest details.  Some optional parts include your driving license, age, and nationality.

Personal statement or summary

It is one paragraph telling the reader about your main skills and ways these meet the requirements of the employer.  You can relate the skills to the job you are applying.

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Work experience

This is another section of a model of a professional CV 2019. You must list down your work experience starting from the most recent positions or in reverse chronological order. It must include the name of the company along with its address, your position, and employment dates.


This is also a part of the model of a professional CV 2019.  The education details must also start from the most recent. The information must include your grades, too.


It is another section to write. You don’t need to include all but only those related to the application.  You must also state if you’re basic, intermediate or advanced in each skill. Highlight your most important skills and improve your chances for an e-mail invitation.

Hobbies and interests

You can give some details about your personality through your interests and hobbies, but you don’t have to include all of them.

Optional Blocks in CV English Model 2019

Hobbies and interests are optional blocks to include in your CV. You may or may not include it when writing your CV. You may also skip information about your driving license and nationality.  You may also choose not to include your marital status, spouse’s name, and children.

General CV Outline That Captures the Attention of a Professional Recruiter

Writing the curriculum vitae model 2019 is very easy. The outline is highlighted below. You can use it or add some more sections you think would help you further.

Contact information

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

Optional personal information

  • Visa status
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Spouse’s Name
  • Children
  • Marital Status
  • Place of birth
  • Citizenship

Work history

  • List them in reverse chronological order, including the titles or positions handled,  company name, address and employment dates

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Academic positions

Training and research


With dates of graduation, course major, degree details, certification, and training

  • Post-doctoral training
  • Graduate school
  • University
  • High school

Certifications and accreditations

Professional qualifications

Computer skills



Professional memberships


Hobbies and interests

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Are There Differences between USA and UK CV?

If you’re looking for interview confirmation chances, then you must write the CV based on where you’re applying because there are differences between the UK and USA CV.  What are the differences between the curriculum vitae model UK 2019 and USA?

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Word Curriculum Vitae Model 2019: UK and USA

Whether you want your CV to show up on Google and other searches or want to print it out, you must write based on these differences and which one you want to use upon learning about them.


For CV model for job application 2019, take note of the spelling differences.  Use the English based on the country where you’re applying for the job. Use British English if you’re in the UK and American English if you’re in the USA. There are certain spelling differences such as “programme and program” or “analyse and analyze.

Layout and title

In the UK, the CV is the curriculum vitae, but a personal resume in the US. The latter also calls it curriculum vitae.  In the US, the detailed CV is used when applying for fields of research or academic professions.  The paper size is the letter format in the US and the standard A4 in the UK.

Personal details

The CV model USA 2019 does not care about your date of birth, but it is compulsory in the UK.

Personal statement or career objective

There is no personal statement or career objective in the UK.


Include references for the American CV, but not in the UK, unless it is requested in the job description.


Both do not require a photo.


There you have your guide to writing a good CV that keeps up with the requirements of a US or UK standards.

Refer to this guide for what to write and not to write in your CV and make a better job application. Use the right CV Model 2019 today!

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