7 Cool Samples of Creative Resume Design 2019

When do you need a creative resume design 2019? The use of creativity is appreciated even in a resume.  Creative resume ideas, including using videos and infographics as well as the best fonts to use on resume 2019 are trendy. These resume designs can be used by people in the creative industries like the arts and designs. They can also be used by people in film and animation. For more information about creative designs, check out the following.resume writing services to order online

When to Use Creative Resume Design Templates 2019

It depends on the type of job you’re applying. You can use resume design software 2019 if you’re designing for a job such as in an art gallery or graphic design studio. Additionally, these tools can also be used in designing CVs for design firms and advertising agencies.

However, you must not use it if you’re applying for a position such as a bank manager, pharmacist, hospital doctor or accountant. In these industries, hiring managers appreciate a traditional resume appearance with a straight to the point presentation of your experience.

Creative Resume Design 2019

What Jobs Are Creative and Good Resume Design 2019 Works?

If you want to be included in the interview stages in a company, know which jobs can creative resume designs can work. Some industries where you want to show your creativity appreciates a creative take on a CV. A few of these industries are design, fashion, and arts. In these cases, employers may want to see your creativity in designing. You can show that in a good resume design 2019.

You can also use the creative design if you think it will highlight your expertise and you want a memorable application. It may also be used if you want to make your application stand out for a creative industry.

Samples of Best Resume Design 2019

A few creative resumes can be your best resume design 2019. One of these can do the skills demonstration for you. Learn more by checking out the best samples below.

creative resume design sample 2018


This resume can highlight a minimalist color scheme and design. It can illustrate that sense of harmony by communicating concise messages to the reader. It also makes use of icons that provide the resume with added appeal without overusing colors.

organized resume

The design features a two-column layout. It makes the resume organized and easy to read. The colors are not also overused. The visual cues guide the eyes without distracting its focus. It guides the reader from one section to another without being overwhelmed with the design.

graphic design resume

This best graphic design resume 2019 is one of the coolest designs. It is visually appealing but it does not distract the eyes from focusing on the applicant’s message. You can highlight the most important information about you with sections that organize the resume. The colors also are consistent.

interesting to look resume

The resume is interesting to look at with its color scheme and boldness. It also has a good layout for the things that must be highlighted in the application. Blue as a color displays loyalty and a color to separate you from the rest of the applicants.

professional resume

This is another good resume design to highlight balance in your application. It looks professional yet not boring. The use of a logo and icons give it a branding and a polished appearance.

personal resume

The best resume design templates 2019 has an organized look while being attractive with colors. It makes use of white space for easy reading. It also displays a sort of personality with the use of a photo.


This resume design is an attractive one for an increased chance of getting a job offer. It makes use of white spaces and minimal colors. While it is creative, it does not leave out its professional appeal.

Mistakes Applicants Makes in Resume Designs

Making use of creative resumes not applicable for one’s industry

Know that creative types of resume designs are not suitable for every job. Not all job seekers should use the creative format, especially those in serious industries, like healthcare and government.

Too distracting and excessive designs

The design can be distracting for some employers. You must keep your resume minimalist in design to ensure that your message can be read by the employer. Take note: Your resume’s main goal is landing you a job. You should keep it readable.

Making their resume look unprofessional

Using too many icons or images in your resume does not work. Excessive designs can make your application look comical, not impressive.

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Which Colors Are the Best to Use for a Good Resume Design 2019?

Check out the following for some good colors to use and their message. Use them when writing a resume based on what you learned from “how to design a nice resume in word.”

  • Orange for encouragement, determination, productivity, and strength
  • Red for action and passion, as well as courage and power
  • Green for calmness and rebirth
  • Yellow for positivity and optimism
  • Purple for inspiration and spirituality
  • Blue for reliability, truth, integrity, and trust

There you have our guide on how to make a resume design work for you. Also, learn of the most common mistakes of applicants when trying to be creative on their applications. Overall, think of a simple design that won’t distract the employer’s attention from your message.

Design like a pro. Know when to be creative on your resume. Use this creative resume design 2018 guide today!

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