Best Resume Tips 2019: Samples, Trends and More!

Searching for a job is a difficult process that seems ever-changing. There’s always some new rule or trend that pops up unexpectedly and if you’re not on top of the latest developments, you can really put your job hunting success in jeopardy. When you consult with expert career advisors and get hold of their most recent resume tips 2019 will be a year to remember. Get the job you deserve when you make use of all the right advice.professional resume writing help

General Resume 2019 Tips

interview Resume writing trends are changing all the time, and who better to ask about the latest alterations than career experts who are always ahead of the pack and often even set the rules themselves? When you follow the following top tips for resume 2019 is going to be your year.

  • Always remember that your resume will probably be passed through an automated applicant tracking system. As such, make sure you learn about all of the unique keywords that describe your skills within your industry niche. The software will be programmed to recognize candidates who use these words and to reject all those who fail to do so.
  • It’s more and more common for people to submit their applications via email or at the very least via an online system of some sort. Make the most of the opportunities this opens up by including hyperlinks in relevant parts of your resume. This might be a link to open their email management program with your address as the recipient, or it could be your LinkedIn profile.
  • With resume submissions being made online, your recruiter is less likely to print anything out. This means you can make use of colors that wouldn’t have shown up on a black-and-white printout. Don’t go crazy, though. Just add some color to your section headers and that’ll be enough unless you’re in a highly creative industry.

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Take Inspiration from the Experts

curriculum vitaeWhen it comes to the best resume formats 2019 isn’t going to offer too much in the way of change, but it’s worth considering the tiny differences that may, in fact, make all the difference to any job applications you submit. When you take on board all the right advice on how to write a great resume 2019 will be a year to remember. Consider the choice quotes below and work their philosophies into your approach to employment.

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.”


“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling.”


These two quotes are merely examples of what most citations say that can be applied to finding a job. You just have to keep moving and always working towards your goal even if each individual step in the journey seems to get you nowhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

The Latest Changes in Resume Formats 2019

job experienceThere are several small, and a few not so small, changes to be made when it comes to your most recent CV. The kind of resume formats 2019 will favor are those that take a mixed approach, combining the best of reverse chronological and skills-based CVs. If you take into account the aforementioned CV writing tips 2019 will surely be your year to shine. For further advice, ask our experts to tell you all about the CV writing tips 2019 will require you to obey for the best chance of success.

Tips for Resume 2019: Main Body

tips on how to write a great resume 2018When updating your resume, take note of the most important and newest resume writing tips. These tips will help you in choosing the best fonts and customizing your content.  Speaking of customization, never choose just about any template to find online. Remember, different jobs and industries may require a different presentation. For example, using an infographic design and format for a resume won’t work if you’re in the engineering or medical fields.

Alongside presentation, select the format, whether a reverse chronological, combination, functional or targeted.  Choose based on your skill set, educational background and work experience. For example, a reverse chronological is for you if you have a solid work background in the industry and if you do not have a huge career gap.

  • Select a basic font. While you’re itching to use colorful and flashy fonts in your CV or resume, you must not.  Choose one that is easy to read both for applicant tracking systems and hiring managers.  You must also include your contact information at the top of the application so that hiring managers can easily see it to get in touch with you. Update information, including your street address, full name, state, city, phone number, zip and email address. You may also want to add your blog link or URL to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Add your profile. Remember to match it to the job you’re applying for, so you must update your current resume and tailor it based on the newest applications. Thus, it is important to look for a job first before writing or updating the resume to ensure that you can match it to the requirements of the job. Speaking of matching, you may want to check out the job posting and look for keywords.   These words are great to use in your resume because they can show that you read and understood the job qualifications.  You must include resume skills and keywords, without even saying.  Doing so, you can increase your chances of getting an interview invitation because you’re matching the available positions.

  • Focus on relevancy. Prioritizing the content of your application is one of the newest resume writing tips to remember as well.  Write down the most relevant and significant experiences first, alongside the key accomplishments you have had for the position.  Without even saying, you must customize your resume, which will match your qualifications with the job posting.

  • Check samples. Review the latest samples according to your job and industry. Know how applicants are writing their resume for 2019.  Check out examples that fit your employment situation as well. Remember to choose a format and style to highlight your achievements and strengths and display your fitness for the position. You may also use a template as a starting point in writing the application.  Modify the fields with your information. In this case, you can effectively highlight your abilities and skills.

  • Cover letter. Submitting the CV or resume, check out how the employer wants to receive the cover letter and resume. Some want that the resume is attached to an email and in a format, such as PDF or Word Format. Check on those instructions and follow them to prove your reliability even on the smallest details.  When applying via email, you may also send your cover letter together with the resume as email attachments. Following this advice and tips, you can increase your chances of getting an interview invitation.

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Resume Design & CV Writing Tips

how to write an academic cv 2018Aside from the content, font and format, your resume’s design is as important. Why is that so? A resume is a marketing tool, which introduces you to the employer or hiring manager even before they meet you in person. This application tells your story…a compelling story.  It is a make or break for you and draws the line whether you can make it or not to the next level of the application – the interview.

Create a personal brand and show professionalism through your resume, which would reflect your uniqueness and creativity. It helps you turn the eyes of the employer or hiring manager on your resume, which has a remarkable design and presentation.  In designing the resume, think about how you could highlight your unique selling points through it. For example, you may add or attach a sample of your current work or add a photo.

Columns also help design a perfect resume and improve its layout and organization.  For example, columns show the division of content and sections.  Do not also waste white space in listing your accomplishments and employers down the entire page, but make use of a layout to organize your details. If you decided to list your most impressive projects and clients, they must be on the top fold of the page. In short, do not bury the most important details right down the page or on the next page. The most significant details should be on the first 1/3 portion of the page.  A tip, you can use a sidebar, which is a good place to highlight some successes and accomplishments. You can also make use of a call-out within the resume’s body to break up the text and lead the readers’ eyes – to important information. Applicants must also use a distinguishing orientation.  For example, you may use the landscape orientation to stand out from the crowd because it can create a new look.

You must not also miss on the cover letter before sending a resume.  Create one that’s tailored to the resume and application.  The cover letter is another great tool to increase your chances of being invited for an interview. It can explain your resume and add a personal touch to the application.  Finally, use a proper template, not just anything you find online.  Look for the most relevant template that suits your job search.

Tips on Adding Skills to the Resume

In your resume, scatter skills to make your application interesting and eye-catching. You may add them in the work history section as well as in the cover letter.  In order to draw attention to your skills, you must highlight them on your resume when describing past positions and have a separate skills list section. You must also refer to the skill using your cover letter. When writing skills, you can quantify when necessary.  In fact, you must replace vague adjectives and descriptions with numbers and statistics. You must also organize your bullets and don’t use too many of them. Some three-bullet points are enough for the skills section. Or else, you could create a very long list that isn’t good at all.

One important skill to represent is communication skills. It is a soft skill needed across industries. No matter your job, you will interact with customers, colleagues, clients and employers. It is also better if you write about your oral and written communication skills because employers want to hire people that can communicate accurately and clearly.

Information technology and computer literacy is another skill to represent in the resume.  You must show that you are comfortable using emails and word processors.  In some cases, the use of PPT or EXCEL is also important for employers. Remember these things when writing the skills section of your resume. Take note of using specific skills based on your industry and job requirements.

Get in Touch with Our Experts

how to write an objective for resume 2018If you thought that you could just go it alone and try to follow a few hints and tips for CV format 2019 will most likely just chew you up and spit you back out. Speak with our expert resume writers who’ll not only share the kinds of tips for CV format 2019 will expect of you, but they’ll also run through a comprehensive method on how to write a great resume 2019 style.

Advice for Recent Graduates

graduate from collegeIf you’re about to graduate from college, you’ll need to know how to write a CV for a job 2019 style. If you last held a proper job before you embarked upon your studies a few years back, you’re probably not too surprised that so much has changed. Nevertheless, knowing that plenty has changed is not enough; you need to learn from scratch how to write a CV for a job 2019 style. Even if you’re planning to stay in academia, you still need to at least know how to write an academic CV 2019 style in order to get the best faculty position you can. There’s much in common between professional and academic resumes, but it’s worth knowing the differences when you first learn how to write an academic CV 2019 style. In particular, it’s still worth it to include an objective when writing an academic CV, whereas professional resume often omits this in favor of a more skills-based approach to the whole document. As long as you master how to write an objective for resume 2019 will be a great year for the continuation of your studies. Even if you’re aiming to join the faculty of your current university, having successfully completed a doctorate, you’ll need to know how to write an objective for resume 2019 style.


Make use of the newest resume tips in 2019 or ask us to help you to create an astonishing resume once you need it!